Our safe rooms are made better and stronger than anything else on the market.  Starting with thicker and stronger materials; the walls, ceiling and floors are all made from quarter inch plate steel and the frame work uses quarter inch steel tubing.  Our steel is twice as thick as the industry standard for stand-alone safe rooms.  Additionally, every wall, every ceiling and every floor is constructed from a single piece of plate steel.  There are no bolted seams in our units.  The only seams you find in our safe rooms will be where the walls meet with the other walls, the floor or the ceiling. To add additional strength, every seam is completely welded edge to edge.  This technique in engineering minimizes potential points of failure and strengthens the structure.




– Bench Seating
– LED Lighting
– Fresh Air Ventilation
– Slide Bolt Locks



– Upgraded High Voltage Lighting
– Independent Power Supply
– Security Plate Steel Dead-Bolt Locking System (dead-bolt uses a 2ft tall, quarter inch piece of plate steel)
– Emergency Phone
– Kevlar Lining
– Gun Racks
– Bathroom /Water Inlets
– Escape Tunnels/Hatch
-Upgraded Ballistic Steel