Every bunker we build can store a minimum of one year of food per occupant. That means that even the smallest shelter we build (the “Mini-bunker”) can hold a minimum of 2 years worth of food!


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Custom Bunker Complex – $4,200,000


Rising S Bunkers offers highly customization floor plans with interchangeable rooms and features to suit your needs. The above floor plan is a bio bunker complex equipped with an underground garage, workshop, grow room, fitness center, water storage room, power room, separate living areas for multiple families that includes 34 sleeping areas, 4 living rooms, 4 full sized kitchens, 4 bathrooms, with plenty of storage and privacy for each family. This underground bunker complex has the facilities to sustain several families for years.



Above Ground CHECK POINT


All of our bunkers are military grade and built to offer the highest level protection.  However we also offer above ground military solutions.

This bullet proof check point station is built from solid steel and coated in the same exterior coating that we use on the underground models.  The structure is lined with kevlar and comes equipped with bullet proof windows for maximum protection.

Just like every product we offer; these structures are completely customizable.  Do you need to add more storage or beds?  No problem!  Maybe you’d like to add  sniper towers or gun turrets; we can do that too.  There is no request that we can’t accommodate.

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Check Point With Turret


Every shelter we build is constructed with one primary thing in mind… the client! We pride ourselves on our fabrication abilities and we offer each customer the opportunity to customize the layout specifically to their liking. Do you think that you want more storage and less beds; No Problem! These bunkers can be as large or as small as you want. No task is too large for the experts at Rising S! If you are interested in learning more about the underground bunkers, see this page.

Standard Features

Here on this page you will find some generic floor plans of our bunkers in various sizes. We can build your bunker in any configuration that suits your needs and to any size. All bunkers come equipped with LED lighting, solar generator system with battery banks, surveillance cameras with monitor, and hidden vents with built in fans for circulating fresh air. These are just some of the basic features we offer, any additional accessories or features can be added for an additional fee at your request.

Changeable Floor Plans

Layout and floor plans can be changed at no additional cost if items are being exchanged for like items. An example of this would be to exchange a closet for a shelf or a table with bench for a bunk etc. These layouts are just an example of what we consider good space utilization. Itemized pricing for amenities will not be given, if you request pricing for a Steel Bunker with items removed please submit for individual pricing. Delivery and Installation charges are in addition to the prices listed below. These charges are reflective to location and size of shelter chosen.

Why RSC Steel Bunkers Are Your Best Choice

When treated with 150 year rubber coating, steel has very little maintenance issues and last much longer than the other options. It will not crack, collapse, mildew or mold. Steel will expand and contract with the ground, not crack like concrete or fiberglass. There is no 3 ft hill eye sore in your yard. It sits below the earth’s surface. We can build it to your exact specifications, making it as comfortable as your living room. In a situation that calls for your family to take refuge in a shelter, you don’t want to worry about mold, mildew or possible collapse. You want the safest and least problematic shelter, and that is why our steel shelters are the best option.

Below is a summary of the benefits of a RSC steel bunker:

RSC steel bunkers undergo a stringent quality inspection

RSC steel bunkers are often times more affordable than other manufacturers

RSC steel bunkers won’t crack during the dry/wet seasons

RSC steel bunkers are earthquake safe

RSC steel bunkers are coated with a 150 year life waterproof coating

RSC steel bunkers use an electromagnetic technology to prevent rust

RSC steel bunkers have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

RSC steel bunkers are built by like-minded preppers who value your secrecy

RSC steel bunkers are built, delivered, and installed by Rising S Company (RSC)

RSC steel bunkers can be designed to withstand any caliber firearm

RSC steel bunkers are built with space utilization in mind

RSC steel bunkers are only built from the highest grade materials

RSC steel bunkers are built from and engineered design

RSC steel bunkers WILL act as your first line of defense during a time of chaos

Escape Tunnels : can be added to any bunker layout for $16,000 each. Tunnels are coated inside and out and they come equipped with an easy open hatch door and exit ladder.