Tour a bunker and Explore the Possibilities

When you purchase a bunker with Rising S Company; we allow the customer to design the floor plan.  Every bunker we build is completely customized to the client’s specific needs and requirements.  Envisioning how much room is available or how the units will look on the inside is difficult to do.  For that reason we have included a few video tours to show you how they look and feel on the inside.  Please feel free to take a tour and see what sets Rising S Company from the rest.


Introducing the ARISTOCRAT underground bunker complex. The luxury line of floor plans are designed to to offer all of the creature comforts of modern living while providing all of the same protections that come with all of our bunkers. These underground shelters couple both practical, self-sustainable living with lavish aesthetics and the comfort of modern living. This spacious underground bunker is completely customizable with limitless options just like the rest of the luxury series but the Aristocrat comes loaded with game rooms, sauna, gym, media room, bowling alley, gun range, and a swimming pool bringing the term “luxury” to new underground heights. In addition to those features it also has custom flooring and carpet, a custom kitchen with beautiful cabinets and counter tops, a refrigerator, multi vehicle garage with motor-cave, green house for sustainable food sources, large storage rooms. These units are also equipped with full plumbing / septic systems and wired for dual power allowing the bunker complex can run on or off “the grid”. (some features that require a great deal of power may not run effectively using the solar powered systems).

Luxury Bunker Tour – The Aristocrat

This luxury bunker also has an above-ground “safe house” insulating the bunker entrance. The structure looks like an ordinary pre-fab building to the eye, but behind the standard sheet-metal walls are bullet resistant walls made of 1/2″ plate steel. Behind the standard shop door lies a heavy blast door. This door is double lined in 1/2″ plate steel and it is equipped with a 2 foot plate dead-bolt locking system. Once you are inside the safe-house, it offers one more layer of protection for the bunker entrance. The bunker’s hatch lies behind a false wall. This false wall is made from 1/4″ plate steel (like all of the other interior walls) and it’s dual purpose is undetectable to the naked eye. This wall will open to the bunker entrance once you release the hidden locking mechanism. Once you are inside the hidden “hatch-room” the door can be locked from the inside as well using 2 sliding dead-bolts.

The ARISTOCRAT offers:

  • Enough beds and futon couches for 50+ people to sleep comfortably
  • Individual Master Bedrooms with Queen Beds in addition to the shared rooms with bunks
  • NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
  • Personal Bathrooms with showers
  • Full Custom Kitchen, complete with stoves, double sinks and custom cabinets
  • Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Gym/Health & Fitness Center
  • Hot Sauna
  • SwimmingPool and Hot Tub
  • Game Room with Billiard Tables and other games
  • Bowling Alley
  • Media Room with Theater Seats
  • Gun Range
  • Large Family Room
  • Large Dining Table
  • Dining Hall
  • Green House w/ LED Grow Lights and Automated Irrigation
  • Motor Cave Exit
  • Utility/Storage
  • Garage/Tool Room/Workshop

We present to you “The Presidential” underground bunker complex.  Take a tour through one of the bunkers from our luxury line of products and experience what a bunker can be.  Built for privacy and security but designed for comfort, this layout is a self-sustaining underground home filled with all of the modern amenities you’ve come to expect in an average home. Our luxury lines are a stark contrast to the rest of our bunkers. The standard bunker is utilitarian in it’s design with special efforts made for energy and resource conservation.  The luxury lines however are designed for comfort and privacy.  These units aren’t built for efficiency; they offer privacy and security combined with lush comforts.

Luxury Bunker Tour – The Presidential


  • Sleeping for 38
  • 5 Individual Residence Bunkers
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Custom Floors
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Green House
  • Fitness Center
  • Garage
  • Motor-Cave
  • Work Shop
  • Formal Dining Area
  • Electric Refrigerator
  • Electric Stove
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Infrared Security System
  • Solar Powered Back-Up Electrical System 

This animated tour of our underground “Fortress” bunker features an above ground safe house that conceals the bunker entrance. Loaded with tons of beds and individual living areas, this shelter is perfect for sheltering large families or groups.

Bunker Tour – The Fortress


Tour of a steel underground bunker with an indoor gun range in the bunker.  Gun range is lined in sound dampening foam. The target area is lined from floor to ceiling with 4ft thick ballistic blocks and the gun range has bullet proof glass observation windows. This bunker also has enough sleeping for 4 adults, and a futon that will allow additional sleeping. It has running filtered water, air filtration and a composting toilet system. Bunker has enough storage room for each person to have more than a year of food rations and it is equipped with an emergency escape hatch. Custom designed by Rising S Bunkers; these shelters offer endless design options and top of the line engineering. Rising S Bunkers is the largest underground bunker manufacturer in the U.S. and the leading manufacturer of underground shelter engineering.

Bunker Tour – Bunker With Indoor Gun Range


Bunker Tour – Storm Shelter Entrance


Rising S In Action

Our Bunker Facility

Playing Around In The Factory

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Video Tour of a Steel Bunker

Video rendering of a Rising S underground steel bunker. This bunker is 10′(w) x 50′(l) x 7’h. Made from 100% steel; these units offer several upgraded features such as NBC air-filtration systems, 12v solar generation, fully functional plumbing and septic systems, infrared surveillance systems and escape tunnels just to name a few. These bunkers are completely custom built to each customer’s specific requests and there is no request too extravagant. These individual bunkers can be designed to attach to other units which allows for elaborate floor plans and comfortable underground living. Rising S is redefining the word “survival” with our luxurious line of underground bunkers. Call us to schedule a consultation and let Rising S start building your “Plan-B” today!

Video Tour of a 10×50 Bunker

Tour an underground bunker. This is a 10×50 fallout shelter equipped with bullet proof entry, solid steel construction, custom aluminum cabinets, infrared security camera, solar generation, nbc air filtration, blast valves and a panic room with escape hatch.

Video Tour of a Double Wide Bunker

Complete tour of another Rising S underground steel bunker. This unit is 1000 square feet and boasts enough room sleep 14. Additional amenities include energy efficient appliances, shower, 2 NBC air filtration units (NBC = nuclear, biological, chemical), 4 blast valves/over-pressure valves, ample heavy duty shelving and storage, custom aluminum cabinets, 2 panel solar generation, bullet resistant door, escape hatch and a custom gun vault. This unit also has an upgraded septic system with a traditional wet toilet. This bunker is perfect for larger families or just those with lots of storage needs.

Video Tour of a Super Storm Shelter

Even the most modern structures are incomplete with out adequate protection against the forces of nature. This video will give you an in depth look at the Rising S line of high capacity “SUPER” storm shelters. Each can hold hundreds of people, can be built for handicap access and the craftsmanship will last for generations. Call us today to learn more about these incredible shelters.

Bunker Fabrication Video

Take a look at the bunker fabrication process. Lots of work goes into building a bunker and many men take part in it’s construction. This video is a great glimpse at what it takes to bring a bunker from raw steel to the structural form we call a bunker.